Office Cleaning South Yarra

For a complete range of Office Cleaning South Yarra services, you can look to our experienced team at Ecoh for our friendly service and unparalleled expertise, as well as dedication to protecting the environment through our use of the latest green products and methods.

We serve a wide range of building and property types, from factories to offices, so you can be confident that we’re the best choice for office cleaning South Yarra.

Go Green for a Better Clean

Here at Ecoh, our green cleaning methods ensure a clean and non-toxic environment for you and your employees, as well as being sustainable for the planet. Our dedication to sustainability practices means that by choosing us, you’re making the right decision for the earth as well as your business.

Custom Scheduled Cleans

We offer programmed cleaning tailored to suit your company’s office schedule and needs.

Waste Management and Recycling

Whether it’s liquid, hazardous or general waste, the team at Ecoh offer comprehensive waste management and recycling services that are conducted in a timely and efficient manner.

Buffing of hard floors

Floor losing its lustre? We can restore the look and feel of your hardwood floor with our buffing services undoing the damage caused by foot traffic and wear over time.

Hard floor stripping and resealing

Regardless of your floor type, if your hard floor is looking worse for wear, we’ll gladly strip and reseal it. Whether it’s a tile, hardwood, concrete or linoleum floor, both the durability and visual appeal of your floor will be improved with our strip and reseal services.

Mechanical Scrubbing of hard floors

Whether indoor or outdoor, our mechanical scrubbing services will remove any grease, dirt, or bird waste from your hard floor, creating a clean surface for your carpark or factory.

Carpet steam cleaning and upholstery

Carpet looking stained, worn or otherwise grotty? We offer steam cleaning and upholstery services that will improve the condition of your carpet with a deep clean that’ll remove dirt, dust and mites. Our upholstery services will also take care of any missing patches or areas for a carpet that looks good as new.

Choose Your Professional Cleaning Services

With no job too big or small for us, our friendly team of experts will ensure the best cleaning service for your company. We pride ourselves on being approachable and highly communicative, making us the best choice for office cleaning South Yarra. We offer a range of services, not just for office cleaning, but for retail, industrial properties cleaning, medical, childcare and leisure centres. We can clean no matter your needs.

Window Cleaning

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then perhaps windows are the eyes to the office. Our window cleaning services will remove bird droppings, dust and other marks from your windows for a view that’s free from obstructions.

Graffiti Removal

Melbourne might be the home of street art, but unsightly tags are another story. Our professional graffiti removal services will clean up your defaced property with their up-to-date, specialised equipment.

Pressure Washing

Our friendly team will take care of any stubborn stains on your driveway or property with our high-pressure hoses making quick work of them.

Builders Cleaning

Construction is a messy process, but our team can make it easier for you with our dedicated builders’ cleaning services clearing the site of dust, rubble and other rubbish before, during, and after construction.

Washroom Hygiene Services

We recognise the importance of hygiene in the office, so our dedicated washroom hygiene services will clean your workplace washroom, creating a clean and refreshing communal space for your company.

Washroom Consumables Supply

Running out of soap or toilet paper? Never fear – our team is here to replenish your supply of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels, so you and your employees can rest easy.

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Here at Ecoh, our team is led by some of the leading experts in Australian cleaning, with over 50 years’ experience between them. We value our customers and are absolutely devoted to communicating with you to deliver to your specific needs, regardless of the situation, making us a versatile and quality choice in office cleaning South Yarra or commercial cleaners in Dandenong.

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