Office Cleaning Mulgrave

Do you need excellent office cleaning Mulgrave services? Ecoh can help! A clean office can result in higher morale and leave a great first impression on new clients. Not to mention the benefits of general cleanliness. Our office cleaning Mulgrave specialists offer dedicated office cleaning services that will boost your business.

At Ecoh, our team of friendly professionals delivers a comprehensive range of office cleaning services Mulgrave. We’re founded by some of the top cleaning experts in the country, with experience leading Australia’s biggest cleaning companies. You can rest assured that your office cleaning needs are in good hands.

Our Dedication to Green Cleaning

We understand the importance of providing a service that minimises harm to the environment. It’s also important that your staff and visitors are safe. We use natural products and practices that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and won’t result in health problems. Just doing our part to reduce buildup of toxic waste in the environment!

Complete Office Cleaning Mulgrave Services

Ecoh delivers a full range of cleaning services for commercial properties, making us the go-to for office cleaning Mulgrave. Regardless of your company’s needs, or your location, our team is able to take care of you. We offer a full range of customisable office cleaning services, allowing you to tailor your clean to your needs.

A Comprehensive Range of Cleaning Services

  • Tailored Scheduled Cleans: Ecoh offers regular programmed cleans that are tailored to the individual needs of you and your business.
  • Waste Management and Recycling: Waste management and recycling is incredibly important. It’s why we offer customised waste, recycling and environmental solutions for your business. We guarantee your waste is disposed of in a quick and sanitary manner.
  • Buffing of hard floors: Scratches from foot traffic and heavy objects can cause damage to hard flooring, reducing its natural shine. We offer professional buffing for your property to restore the look of your floors.
  • Window Cleaning: View from your office window getting blurry? We remove dust, bird droppings and other debris from your windows for a clear view.
  • Graffiti Removal: Has your office building been recently defaced by acts of vandalism? Our team is equipped with the latest technology to remove graffiti tags, restoring your building’s professional image.
  • Pressure Washing: Got build-up of dirt and grease on your building or roller shutters? With the latest in high-pressure washing equipment, we can remove grime from most surfaces quickly and easily.

More Cleaning Services

  • Hard floor stripping and resealing: Vinyl, tile and linoleum floors also endure a great deal of wear and tear. Our team can restore all floor types with our stripping and resealing services creating an attractive floor with a matte or gloss finish, while increasing its durability.
  • Mechanical Scrubbing of hard floors: Mechanical scrubbing removes stains from all floor types both indoors and outdoors. We offer mechanical scrubbing services that will remove the effects of rain, bird droppings and rubbish on your carpark or factory floor.
  • Carpet steam cleaning and upholstery: Carpet seen better days? Our professional carpet steam cleaning service ensures a thorough, hygienic clean for your carpet. If your carpet is damaged, we also offer upholstery services to give it a fresh lease on life.
  • Builders Cleaning: Construction is a messy process, but here at Ecoh, we can reduce that mess for you, clearing up the construction area before and after the process so that you can enjoy a clean and spotless area free of dangerous and unsightly dirt and rubble.
  • Washroom Hygiene Services: Ecoh recognizes the importance of washroom hygiene, so we take pride in providing quality washroom hygiene services that create a safe and sanitary environment for your washroom.
  • Washroom Consumables Supply: Not only do we offer washroom hygiene services ensuring the utmost in sanitation, but we also take care of the basics. Soap, toilet paper, and paper towels are all essential to any washroom and we are able to restock your washroom with quality basics.
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A Professional Cleaning Team at Your Service

At Ecoh, our founders have 50 years’ experience between them managing some of Australia’s top cleaning companies for years. We’re the experts in office cleaning Mulgrave or commercial cleaning Richmond!

Both our Quality Management System and our OH&S certification are consistent with current standards. Our Quality Management System is compliant with ISO standard 9001 and our OH&S Management System is certified by Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor Pre-Qualification system, Cm3.

Contact Us For Any Cleaning Need

Get tailored cleaning services for your business and save yourself time, money and effort. With our office cleaning Mulgrave services you have the freedom to get cleaning the way you want it!  For enquiries on our cleaning services or a free quote, call us on 1300 980 739 or email us at