Ecoh provides specialized industrial cleaning services Melbourne. With highly experienced and skilled cleaners, we offer an incredible industry and factory cleaning service. Industrial cleaning Melbourne requires a lot of skill and effort, together with the best tools and cleaning products available. You need to be able to remove some of the toughest stains, dirt and grime in harsh industrial conditions. This is not an easy task, but a professional industrial cleaner can meet your requirements and make your workplace clean, safe, and healthy for you and your staff. We are here to offer you the best Industry cleaning Melbourne services with the best products at the most competitive prices.

Industrial Cleaning Melbourne
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Industrial Cleaning Melbourne Services with OHS Standards

At Ecoh, we’ve been working consistently to deliver the first-class cleaning solutions following the best industry practices. Our dedicated and professional team of Industry and Factory cleaners have worked across the challenging environment of Industries and factories all around Melbourne. We strictly follow the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines, taking into consideration the safety of your staff on all our jobs. Our team members are trained to handle any accident that might happen and make sure that all industrial cleaning services Melbourne are  carried out safely.

Industrial Cleaning Services We Offer

Whether you need your factory cleaning or want to get your warehouse cleaned, at Ecoh, we do it all. From cleaning floors to pressure cleaning, and steam cleaning, we provide all sorts of industrial cleaning services Melbourne that you need. With an experienced team and years of experience acquired over years cleaning commercial properties and offices in Melbourne CBD we can handle any job. Our senior members have more than 50 years of experience in the top cleaning industries in Australia, and transfer their knowledge, skills, and best practices to all our professional cleaners.

Our Range of Cleaning Services Encompasses:

Industrial Floor Cleaning Services

One of the most essential and often needed tasks that we take on is industrial floor cleaning. Restoring these floors is not an easy task, as industrial floors usually become heavily damaged due to a heavy-duty workload. This work makes it quite difficult to remove the dirt and grime covering the floor. Additionally, these floors are at risk of deteriorating, meaning cleaning needs to be frequent and thorough. If your floors are rough and messy, you may need a professional industrial cleaning service to clean and restore your floors. We cover all the industrial floor cleaning processes from floor mopping, sweeping, and scrubbing to specialized cleaning for your tiles, concrete floors, pavements, and steel parts.

High-Pressure Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Various areas in industrial cleaning need special cleaning equipment and processes. At Ecoh, we prepare and deliver tailored industry cleaning services for cleaning related to even hard-to-clean areas. Some of the specialized processes for cleaning that we employ are Industrial steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, hard scrubbing, high power scraping and degreasing your floors and other areas. Most importantly, the high-pressure cleaning and steam cleaning helps to clean even the toughest areas and long acquired dirt.

Personalised Cleaning Services

We provide custom-cleaning solutions to to remove even the most difficult of stains and soot from any area of your factory. You might have your own office or a sitting area in your factory that might need different cleaning requirements than the machine areas which need machine tools and power cleaning. In these cases, we determine your requirements and provide you tailored cleaning solutions from Glen Waverley to Mulgrave, to fit all your needs. Get your very own industrial cleaning Melbourne team.

Eco-friendly and Safe Cleaning Products

At Ecoh, we follow a different approach when it comes to the selection of the products for all our cleaning solution. All the cleaning products used at Ecoh are eco-friendly and safe to use. We make sure that the meticulous cleaning processes that we follow are safe for you and your staff as well as our team members. We do not use harmful chemical-based products for cleaning solutions. All our products are tested and considered safe as they are made from eco-friendly elements. We make sure that your place is clean, hygienic, and safe at all times. At Ecoh, we follow the approach of sustainable cleaning that not only benefits you and us but also our environment.

Trained and Experienced Industrial Cleaners

The top members of our cleaning team have been working in Australia’s cleaning industry from the past 50 years and love to share their wealth of experience and long acquired knowledge with all our team members. We provide you with highly skilled cleaners that are trained in an industrial cleaning Melbourne oriented environment to meet all your requirements related to industrial cleaning Melbourne.

different commercial cleaning needs accomodated at Ecoh

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