Factory Cleaning Melbourne

Removing stains, dirt and grime in harsh industrial conditions is a tough task. As a factory cleaning Melbourne specialist, Ecoh can meet your requirements and make your workplace clean, safe, and healthy for you and your staff. We are here to offer you the best industrial cleaning Melbourne services at competitive prices.

Industrial and Factory Cleaning Melbourne

Founded by some of the nation’s top professional cleaners, Ecoh offers a dedicated cleaning service for commercial and industrial properties across all industries. From office buildings to factories, schools and gyms, we clean it all. Our specialised factory cleaning services makes us an ideal choice for factory cleaning Melbourne. Our industrial cleaning specialists will thoroughly clean your factory equipment, floor and all other surfaces to ensure they’re in good working order.

As Melbourne’s premier eco-friendly commercial and industrial cleaning service, Ecoh is the best choice in factory cleaning Melbourne, as well as serving all your other cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on effective communication, so you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to meet the needs of your business.

ecoh factory cleaning melbourne
factory cleaning melbourne

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

At Ecoh, we offer dedicated, eco-friendly cleaning services for all commercial and industrial properties across Melbourne. Contact us anytime for all your industrial cleaning needs. We can provide a one-time warehouse spring clean or a bi-monthly recurring factory scrub. Our non-toxic cleaning products and methods ensure the protection of both the health of your employees and the environment. While traditional cleaning chemicals like bleach can have serious effects on health and then the environment, our green cleaning techniques will keep everyone happy and healthy.

A Wide Range of Factory Cleaning Services

At Ecoh, our friendly and professional team ensures that whatever the scenario, our services will cover exactly what you need for your business and property.

Our dedicated team understands the different cleaning needs of each property type and will accommodate the individual requirements of your business. Whether you need commercial, warehouse cleaning or industrial cleaning services Melbourne, our team can assess your needs and devise the best way to clean your property. We work to your schedule and make sure all your requirements are being met.

Industrial Cleaning Melbourne Services

One of the most essential jobs we take on is industrial floor cleaning. Restoring floors is not an easy task, as industrial floors usually become heavily damaged due to a heavy-duty workload. This work makes it quite difficult to remove the dirt and grime covering the floor. Additionally, these floors are at risk of deteriorating, meaning cleaning needs to be frequent and thorough. If your floors are rough and messy, you may need a professional industrial cleaning service to clean and restore your floors. We cover all the industrial floor cleaning processes from floor mopping, sweeping, and scrubbing to specialized cleaning for your tiles, concrete floors, pavements, and steel parts.

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Our Factory Cleaning Services in Melbourne Include:

Factory Cleaning We offer dedicated factory cleaning services that will take care of your factory’s equipment and machinery, vents, and vats, making sure that all your systems are in good working order.

Tailored Scheduled Cleans Ecoh offers tailored programmed cleans for the convenience of your office or business to suit your schedule.

Waste Management and Recycling Our waste management and recycling services will take care of all your waste needs. Whether it’s liquid, toxic or regular waste, we’ll dispose of it in a safe, sanitary and eco-friendly manner.

Buffing of hard floors Hardwood floors sustain a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic, resulting in a scratched floor that looks worn and damaged. Our team offers buffing services that will bring your hardwood floor back to its original look and feel.

Hard floor stripping and resealing As well as buffing, we offer stripping and resealing services that will restore and improve the look of your hard floor, whether it’s a hardwood, tiled, or linoleum surface. Our resealing service creates a more durable surface as well as adding aesthetic value with a matte or gloss finish.

Mechanical Scrubbing of hard floors Factory and carpark floors can easily get stained and soiled from animal waste, dirt, paint, oil and other stains. Our mechanical scrubbing services will remove grease stains from your concrete or asphalt surfaces quickly and easily.

Carpet steam cleaning and upholstery Carpet fibres can easily trap dirt, dust, and insects, resulting in a stained and unhygienic surface. Our carpet steam cleaning services create a thoroughly clean carpet and our upholstery services will repair any damage.

Window Cleaning No one likes a dusty, dirty or stained window. Our professional window cleaning services will create a sparkling clean window that improves the overall look of your building.

Graffiti Removal Graffiti on your property can create an unprofessional image that’s bad for business. Our team offers professional graffiti removal services with our specialised equipment to remove unsightly tags.

Pressure Washing Mud, oil, stains and debris can be hard to get rid of, but our pressure washing hoses can remove these quickly and efficiently.

Builders Cleaning Ecoh offers thorough builders’ clean services that’ll remove rubble and debris from your construction site, resulting in a thorough clean.

Washroom Hygiene Services The state of the office washroom is a highly important part of workplace hygiene. Our dedicated team understands this and provides washroom hygiene services for all businesses, for a comfortable and sanitary environment for all employees.

Warehouse Cleaning Melbourne We offer warehouse cleaning services for all commercial businesses. If you have a website that gets used constantly, our cleaners can come in regularly to keep it clean for your employees. We also offer end of lease cleaning for warehouses.

Personalised Cleaning Services

We provide custom-cleaning solutions to to remove even the most difficult of stains and soot from any area of your factory. You might have your own office or a sitting area in your factory that might need different cleaning requirements than the machine areas which need machine tools and power cleaning. In these cases, we determine your requirements and provide you tailored cleaning solutions from Glen Waverley to Mulgrave, to fit all your needs. Get your very own industrial cleaning Melbourne team today.

Regardless of your industry or business needs, Ecoh’s broad range of services means that we can offer a cleaning service to suit you, making us the best choice for factory cleaning whether you are looking for cleaning services in the Dandenong ranges or anywhere in Melbourne

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Our highly qualified team has extensive experience in the cleaning industry, making us some of the best cleaning experts in Australia. Our services encompass a wide range of industries and cleaning types, and our specialised factory cleaning services make us the best choice in factory cleaning Melbourne. We can provide you with highly skilled cleaners that are trained in industrial cleaning Melbourne and can meet all your requirements for cleaning. For enquiries on our commercial and industrial cleaning services Melbourne, call us on 1300 980 739 or email us at