Is your office, shop or factory looking grubby and dirty? Dust and grime don’t just make a building look bad, they can pose a health risk to anyone working or visiting the building.  But never fear, our team can help you with all your commercial cleaning Dandenong needs.

We’re cleaning professionals, constantly striving to deliver a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services for factories, schools, retail stores and offices throughout Dandenong. Our founders have several years of experience working as senior managers for some of the country’s top cleaning companies, so we know a thing or two about commercial cleaning. We’re dedicated to providing some of the best commercial cleaning services in Dandenong.

Office window cleaning- commercial cleaning in Mlebourne including Dandenong, Richmond

A Dedication to Green Cleaning & Eco-Friendly Solutions

We recognise the importance of being kind to the earth when it comes to cleaning. Being eco-friendly means being kind to the environment as well as protecting the health and safety of customers, clients, and children who might frequent the buildings we service.

Instead of using products that cause harm to people and the environment, we offer eco-friendly cleaning services that utilise non-toxic, green methods and products to provide a thorough clean for your commercial property.

Our Commercial Cleaning Dandenong Comprehensive Cleaning Services with Ecoh

Our commercial cleaning services in Dandenong include:

  • Commercial Cleaning: A clean office is not only essential for the health and hygiene of your employees but also creates a good impression for clients, meaning an overall net positive for your business.
  • Tailored Programmed Cleans: Get scheduled cleans for regular maintenance of your building. We’ll tailor our cleaning services to your needs, so you can expect a thorough clean your way.
  • Waste Management and Recycling: In this day and age, waste management and recycling is incredibly important. We offer customised waste, recycling and environmental solutions for your business so your waste is disposed of in a quick and sanitary manner.
  • Emergency Cleaning Services: If you’ve got a cleaning emergency on your hands, or just need your business cleaned fast before a major event, we’re here to help, on call when you need us most.
  • Hard Floors Buff and Polish: Hard floors such as wood, stone and tiles can look great – but not when they’re badly scratched from foot traffic and general wear and tear. Our team can rejuvenate your floor by buffing and polishing them, removing scratches and restoring your floor to its original state.
  • Hard floor stripping and resealing: Our team can strip and reseal your vinyl, tile or marble floor for extra shine and aesthetic appeal with a buff or glossy finish. Stripping and resealing your floor also makes it more durable, meaning less need for future maintenance.
  • Mechanical Scrubbing of hard floors: Mechanical scrubbing is highly recommended for floors that go through a lot of foot traffic. This process removes grime, grease and dirt and can be used on all floor types from vinyl to tiles, in internal spaces, kitchen areas, bathrooms and walkways. as well as outdoor areas such as car parks, which are prone to the effects of dirt, mould, rain and debris.
  • Carpet steam cleaning and upholstery: Nobody likes a stained or scruffy carpet – here at Ecoh we offer a thorough steam clean for your office carpet, as well as upholstery for damaged, frayed or thinning carpets.
  • Window Cleaning: If the dirt and grime on your windows is reducing visibility, it’s time to get them cleaned. We offer quality window cleaning service that removes dust, grime and bird droppings, resulting in squeaky clean windows that look good as new.
  • Graffiti Removal: Here at Ecoh we can remove those unattractive graffiti tags from your building with our top of the range equipment and expert team.
  • Pressure Washing: Our quality pressure washing equipment can take care of your grubby or stained surfaces removing dirt and other debris with ease.
  • Builders Cleaning: The construction of new buildings can be a messy one, but our team offer a through builders’ clean service to help clear and declutter your construction site before, during and after construction.
  • Washroom Hygiene Services: We offer a pristine clean for commercial and office washrooms, ensuring the utmost in hygiene services.
  • Washroom Consumables Supply: As well as offering washroom hygiene services, Ecoh supplies washrooms with quality washroom products such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels for your comfort and cleanliness.

Whatever your needs, our team at Ecoh will ensure a thorough and quality service delivered with the utmost professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning for Every Business

Our team of experts delivers a complete range of cleaning services for all commercial properties, making us the go-to in commercial cleaning, Dandenong.

Regardless of what service you need or the type of property you own, our friendly, professional team offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services no matter the situation.

We offer services for the following commercial property types:

Commercial Cleaning for every business

Our Experienced and Trained Team

Ecoh was founded by some of the top cleaning experts in Australia, with several years’ experience leading the country’s top cleaning companies.

Our Quality Management System is complaint with and conforms to ISO standard 9001. Our OH&S Management System is certified by Australia’s leading OHS/Contractor Pre-Qualification system, Cm3, ensuring the utmost safety and quality service for you.

Contact Us For Any Cleaning Need

If you’re looking to get your business clean and keep it clean, choose Ecoh property and Asset Services. With years of experience working with businesses large and small, we’ve got the commercial cleaning solution for you. For enquiries on our eco-friendly commercial cleaning Dandenong service, call us on 1300 980 739 or email us at