Childcare Cleaning Services

Be it a childcare center, an early learning center or a kindergarten, it’s the place where a child spends most of their time when away from home. Keeping your centre clean and hygienic is imperative to ensuring that kids stay safe and healthy at all times. However, it’s also the place where a lot of fun, play and regular activities go on for the kids at all times. No matter how hard you try, mess, food spills, paint, and everything else is going to end up on the floors and the walls. If this sounds like you, you need professional childcare cleaning services to ensure this place spotless and hygienic. Ecoh provides sustainable cleaning solutions and systems that are environmentally-friendly and safe for the kids as well as the carers at the kindergarten and childcare centers. With our personalized cleaning solutions, experienced cleaners and best industry practices, get the best childcare cleaning services for your center. We pride ourselves on being quick, hassle-free and totally reliable.

Eco-friendly Childcare Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to the use of various cleaning products, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for all our cleaning products. This ensures that the cleaning products are harmless during and after every use. Childcare centres and Kindergartens are the places where children play, learn, and grow, and they need to be hygienic and safe at all times. While simply ensuring the cleanliness of your centre is important, the cleaning method and products used to play a great role in determining the safety and hygiene of the place.
Many cleaners don’t care about the products used for cleaning, and this could affect the health conditions of children and the childcare providers themselves. At Ecoh, we make sure that our products are safe. With eco-friendly childcare cleaning services, we not only create a safe place to have fun and play for the kids but also help to create a sustainable environment that will be safe and clean all year round.

childcare cleaning services
ecoh childcare cleaning services

Highly Experienced and Trained Cleaners

Our senior team members come from a strong cleaning background, with over 50 years of experience in commercial cleaning services from top cleaning industries in Australia. Passing on the wealth of knowledge and skills acquired over a long service in the cleaning industry to all our employees allows us to provide an incredible service. Whether you are looking for commercial cleaners in Richmond, or in Dandenong, our professional cleaners will help you work out everything your childcare center needs to be cleaned with custom cleaning solutions. We use the best industry practices to provide you with a safe, clean, and hygienic childcare center. When choosing a childcare center, cleanliness, health, and safety are some of the most important factors for parents.
A clean center will not only help the kids to stay healthy but will be better for everyone who uses it. At Ecoh, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service and create personalized cleaning solutions for your childcare and early learning centers.

Why Choose our Childcare Cleaning Services?

Childcare Cleaning often involves much more time and effort compared to cleaning other commercial properties like offices. Childcare center’s demand a lot more attention and application of precise cleaning procedures for hygiene and safety. This could only be met by a professional childcare cleaner who could follow the meticulous childcare cleaning procedures that are strictly focused on hygiene. We follow unique childcare cleaning procedures and practices that are based on providing eco-friendly and child-safe solutions tailored for early learning centers and kindergartens.

On-Site Assessments For Your Childcare Cleaning

We offer prior on-site assessments for your childcare cleaning needs to check what the present hygienic condition of the childcare is and what needs to be cleaned to what extent. This calls in for a professional cleaner who could advise you on the process to be followed based on the on-site assessment. With top-notch childcare cleaning services in Melbourne and suburban areas, we pride ourselves in creating unique customer-focused cleaning solutions that are safe and healthy for the children and other childcare providers during and after the cleaning process.

Reliable and Trustworthy Childcare Cleaning Services

You can trust our Ecoh childcare cleaning services when it comes to any kind of cleaning. We have a responsive customer service team that ensures everything related to the cleaning procedures and policies is well-communicated with you before and after you book your childcare cleaning service with us. If you’d like details on which procedures are we going to follow, or the cleaning products we’ll be using, or anything that comes up in your mind, feel free to talk to our customer service team member who’ll help you out with all your questions and doubts.

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Contact Ecoh To Organise Your Childcare Recurring Cleaning

We create clean spaces for the kids and your staff, making your childcare centre safe and healthy. If you are looking to get the best childcare cleaning services across Melbourne, feel free to call us at 1300 980 739, or just shoot us an email at and get a free quote today.